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ECi M1® software is a cost-effective and flexible ERP that meets the rapidly changing needs of manufacturers.

ECi designed this intuitive software solution for growing manufacturers including job shops, custom and mixed-mode manufacturers and make-to-order manufacturers.

Lumber and building materials dealers relied on ECi solutions for more than 30 years.

Our software can help LBM dealers market to new customers, purchase more efficiently, manage inventory, streamline delivery processes and handle more business without adding more employees.


ECi does more than any other provider to help its hardware customers gain a lasting market advantage and compete with the big box stores.

Our software solutions come with hundreds of automation features to build efficiencies and bring greater profitability into every hardware store operation we serve.

ECi offers three business systems to support the unique needs of your independent office products enterprise, be it a single-seat small Web-only shop to a complex company providing products and services through multiple verticals.



For over a decade, ECi has helped more than 1200 service technology providers better manage common business processes like accounting, inventory control, sales, service dispatch, contract  processing and more.



ECi has business systems for contract and office furniture dealers.

Software for furniture dealers is available in the cloud or on-premise.



With more than 20 years of experience in automating jan/san and industrial paper distributors, ECi offers a choice of distribution management software and e-commerce solutions to help you improve operational efficiency and overall profitability.