Lumber and Building Materials Software

Lumber and Building Materials

The right lumber software and material management system can help you market to new customers, purchase more efficiently, manage inventory, streamline delivery processes and handle more business—all without sacrificing the standards of service your customers have come to expect.

ECi Software Solutions offers LBM dealers two solutions that will accomplish all of these goals and more. Our solutions are:

SpruceWare.NET™: Management software for lumber and building materials dealers

SpruceWare.NET is the first Windows® powered information management tool specifically designed for lumber and building materials retailers. It streamlines your business using a unique document-based solution. Competitively priced, the core product includes manufacturing, installed sales, direct ship, delivery and rental for no additional cost.

Learn More on our SpruceWare.NET Website

ECi RockSolid MAX: POS software for hardware stores and home centers

RockSolid MAX™ software is end-to-end hardware and home center software built to manage your business. Integrating is fast with this easy-to-use POS system.  Including inventory and accounts receivable, RockSolid MAX provides everything needed to keep your operation efficient and profitable.   As a cloud-based solution, server maintenance and equipment issues are reduced, and the software is scalable as the business grows.  No upfront fees makes RockSolid MAX affordable for even the smallest dealers.  

Learn More about RockSolid MAX on our LBMH Website