e-automate® ERP Business Software

Management Solutions for Service Technology Dealers

Service Technology

E-automate® is a cloud-based business management solution for technology service providers. Since it’s creation over a decade ago, e-automate has helped more than 1,500 companies better manage common business processes like accounting, contracts, inventory, sales, service and more.

Disparate functions seamlessly integrate into one easy-to-use interface allowing for greater efficiencies while reducing overhead, errors and costly redundancies. The capability of automating many of these processes will allow you and your team to focus less on day-to-day tasks and more on growing your business.

Ideal for both large and small companies, e-automate makes complex business simple.

  • Sales—Manage contacts, issue sales quotes, handle returns
  • Service—Log, schedule and clear service calls
  • Purchasing—Create bid requests, receive orders, track returns
  • Inventory—Manage multiple warehouses and bins, re-order alerts
  • Accounting—Manage receivables and payables, general ledger
  • Contracts—Manage equipment, track related meters, track related service/part/supply costs

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